FIFA is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most popular sports competitions in the entire world with millions of viewers from all around the world and thousands of different players from different cultures and countries one must wonder how did FIFA begin in the
FIFA season but with that in mind this is actually a new series that we’re working on where we’re actually talking about how people countries and organizations change the world so if you guys really like this video give this a big thumbs up and if you guys want to know more how they change the world whether it be about countries or people do give these a big thumbs up because then we will do more how they change the world but either way today we are gonna look at FIFA and how this organization has changed things for the good but before we get into that guys I just want to remind you guys because this is all FIFA I wanna let you guys know about our sponsor and this is a sponsor that I’m like really happy that we have behind our backs because if you guys are FIFA people you guys will really benefit from this so this is one football this is a football app dedicated to providing the latest news transfer statistics and in match updates from over 160 leagues in16 languages to fans all around the world now one football it’s gonna be the only soccer app that you or football app that you will need because it’s got everything this app not only gives you updates during the games but it lets you read player profiles for each team and for this app it will allow you to follow expert analysis on major soccer matches including the MLS the FA Cup and the Champions League 
now at the time there was no standard form of the game in fact each school developed their own playing style depending on the type of ground and field that was available to them it’s kind of like when you play a game of pool at the bar you know how you’re always changing the rules yeah to benefit you trust me I know I do it all the time mm-hmm now it was these different circumstances that emerged a type of game that depended more on the players dribbling skills rather than the kind of robust energy in a rugby scrum and where that basically meant was some schools favoured that there was a more rugged sort of game where you could like grab the ball and run with it that sort of thing but as the game progressed into the 19th century people noticed a new attitude towards football and this attitude encouraged find qualities among men like loyalty and cooperation games during this time became an integral part of school curriculum and finally in 1863 things took a turn where there was an initiative that was began by the Cambridge University to lay down some standard uniforms and rules for the game that was to become football